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Business Website Redesigns

business website redesign
As you probably already know, a significant amount of business is done every day on the internet. I don’t just mean online shopping. For many people, a company’s website is the first look they have at their products or services. As you might imagine, these initial moments are hugely important. They can determine whether or not a potential customer decides to reach out.

Of course, having a website doesn’t mean the job is finished. Over time, the business might grow, change, and adapt to a changing environment. Every so often, it becomes necessary to update the look and feel of the website so that the company is presented in the best possible way. This post was spurred by another blog post about a company’s website update. I read earlier from the BP Group, a commercial HVAC maintenance company. The practice and benefits of running a blog for your business is worthy of a post in itself, but I digress.

Ultimately, I wanted to bring together a few links of examples that might help. You’re not just designing a website, but also redesigning and re-establishing a brand. Websites have effectively become the face of companies that want to grow, expand, and succeed in the marketplace. The links below include examples of revised website designs as well as a bit of an explanation on what works for them.

Business Website Redesign Links

I hope you find these useful. There’s plenty more out there, just a good ol’ Google search away. At the very least, it’s a decent reminder that no matter how big or small a company is, it can almost always benefit from a well-designed website. As time goes on, you’ll find that there’s always room for improvement. Lastly, here’s a pretty lengthy webinar about some key factors in a website redesign.